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Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard Sheets

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Unlock your creativity with our premium Bryco Chipboard Sheets - a versatile alternative to MDF board and cardboard sheets. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a DIY enthusiast, these chipboard sheets are your ultimate crafting companion.

Bring home our Bryco Chipboard Sheets and see how this versatile and sustainable crafting essential can help bring your creative dreams to life.

    • USA Made
    • FDA Approved
    • High Quality

    Key Features

    Countless Possibilities: Our 22 point 8.5" x 11" chipboard sheets are perfect for bookbinding, crafting albums, creating frames, designing displays, constructing covers, crafting backs, fashioning boxes, and crafting containers.

    Protective Solutions: Use our sturdy chipboard sheets to prevent bending and damage when you store or ship important documents, art, or delicate items.

    Eco-Friendly: Proudly made in the USA using 100% recycled clean fiber to provide a sustainable crafting solution.

    Generous Quantity: With 100 sheets included, you have an ample supply to tackle multiple projects, big or small.

    Versatile Uses

    Bookbinding: Create your own unique books and journals.
    Crafting: Perfect for crafting custom frames, displays, and decorative items.

    Shipping: Ensure the safe shipment of important documents, art, or collectibles.

    Storage: Craft storage boxes or containers for a clutter-free space.

    DIY Projects: Let your imagination run wild, as these chipboard sheets are ready to bring your creative ideas to life.

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