How To Make And Hang Your Kraft Paper Wallpaper Art

How To Make And Hang Your Kraft Paper Wallpaper Art

A Detailed Summary Guide On Hanging Your Kraft Wallpaper Masterpiece Properly To Make Your Arts & Crafts Creation Last As Long As Possible.

Did you know that you can create customized wallpaper panels with our Kraft Paper Rolls?

That's why we created this short & helpful guide to give you smart tips in hanging your kraft wallpaper art properly so it can last just as long as pre-made wallpaper you purchase at Home Depot.

  • Create a 1/5 mixture of 4/5 wallpaper paste and 1/5 water in a paint bucket and stir until consistency is even throughout the container.
  • Pour the new glue mix into a paint tray and cover a house painting roll until even and apply a thin layer on the paneling of your choosing
  • We recommend using a wall panel of your chosen material to paste the kraft wallpaper onto so there is less chance of damaging the sheet rock by applying the paste directly onto it, but if you do not mind the permanent application of this method it is an alternative to using paneling.
  • Pre-cut sections of your arts and crafts wallpaper art evenly by measuring the size of the wall and width of the Kraft paper roll so there are no overlapping gaps, if not exactly even cut a thin vertical wall section piece from a full size paper roll.
  • When placing the pre-cut kraft wallpaper sections onto the paneling or directly on the sheet rock, don't pull the roll forward because you will pull more paper and create excess amounts resulting in air bubble pockets.
  • Contain the sheet at a 75-degree angle upwards and lift your right hand higher than the paneling or wall you are pasting it on.
  • Continue to steadily pull the roll from the bottom until the entire panel is covered then apply pressure against the kraft wallpaper and the paneling or wall until held tight by paste mix
  • Using the paint roller smooth out the kraft wallpaper against the surface it is hung against until it is uniformly smooth against the vertical surface with no air bubble pockets.

We hope this helps in hanging up your creation as an interior decoration wall piece! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help beyond this guide!

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