Decorate Your Event Tables With Kraft Arts & Crafts Paper

Decorate Your Event Tables With Kraft Arts & Crafts Paper

Kraft Art Paper can be used for parties, arts crafts, or as a versatile table cover for daily use; its casual look can even be modified to appear more elegant depending on the occasion. It’s also an ideal decoration for a rustic wedding reception, child birthday, holiday event, graduation, any/all event occasions where guests are invited!

Hosting A Party This Coming Weekend? Decorate Your Tables With Kraft Art Paper

Celebrating your kid’s birthday, perhaps you need help decorating your dining room table? Never fear, Kraft paper is here!

Kraft Art Paper can be used for parties, arts and crafts, and as a versatile table cover for daily use; its casual look can even be modified to appear more elegant depending on the occasion. It’s also an ideal decoration for a rustic wedding reception.

Imaginative Wedding Table Decorations

With the increasing ways you can use Kraft butcher paper, we have found that it works beautifully when needing to decorate tables. The white or brown tone creates the  perfect blank canvas to bring greater contrast to other decorative pieces and tableware.

Setting up your tables with butcher paper is super easy, and there are various ways you can style it depending on your desired look.

Turn Kraft Paper Into The Most Creatively Awesome Tablecloths:

Items you’ll need:

- Scissors

- Measuring Tape

- Markers

- Pencils

- Masking Tape

- Paint

- Any other decorations you’d like (stamps, ropes, etc.)

1. Wrap The Table Completely

Measure out the length and width of the table you want to decorate and cut your white or brown butcher paper slightly larger than these measurements. This excess material  will be wrapped around and under the table – so center the butcher paper on the table, then fold down each side underneath. To make it neat, be sure to align the edges nicely.

This method gives you the ultimate flexibility over how you want to beautify the table  with other decorative pieces. If there’s leftover paper, you can use it to wrap small gifts for y our guests as a thank you for their attendance which they can take home.

2. Ribboned Center

Instead of cutting it to fold underneath, you can cut it to a specific shape, such as a ribbon down the middle of the table! With the ex cess butcher paper, you can create mini ribbons t o use as name markers or gifts.

3. Use It As A Canvas

If you have poor cutting skills, you can draw whatever you want instead on the butcher paper. Use it as a canvas and paint any feature decoration you wish:

Ribbons –

Paint a big ribbon down the middle

Hearts –

Draw a large heart in the center and fill it with lovely words

Season-Specific –

For example, snowflakes

Big Block Letters To Get Your Message Across The Event –

This method is perfect for baby showers, weddings, or birthday parties.

4. Runner Finish

For a runner-style finish off the ends of the table, you want to cut the butcher paper to the width of the table but extend it a bit longer, so it falls off the edge. To decorate this look, we recommend an extended floral centerpiece that beautifully cascades off the ends to complement the rustic look.

5. Place mats & Name Tags

Using markers or paint, draw artificial place mats where the plates and cutlery would be positioned. Grab a sample plate and draw a square around it to create a place mat then decorate it with stickers or other pretty details.

Butcher paper is also perfect for writing name tags, so your guests know where to sit. Use elegant calligraphy for more formal events and big block letters for baby showers or children’s birthday parties.

Go Beyond Decor And Provide Endless Entertainment For Your Guests With Kraft Paper Games & Activities

To make your guests’ dining experience even more fun, you can display different things beside their “place mat”. Try:

A step-by-step guide on how they should eat a certain meal

Creating a checklist of the menu they will be served

An action they must perform at the event

For games, you can leave pens and markers on the table and set up:

Guessing games
Connect four

This is a great way to get each person to socialize with the person sitting next to them!

Another great game that would be perfect for baby or bridal showers that you can set up on the butcher paper are trivia’s – let your guests answer questions on how well they know the bride or guess things about the baby, such as the gender or weight.

Kraft paper projects are an affordable way to beautify any occasion. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on expensive table decorations and covers, you can use butcher paper for a beautiful, organic look at a fraction of the cost. Once the event has finished, why not save some of the decorated table covers as a keepsake to remember the wonderful time!

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