Bryco Baby Elephant Pacifier Holder


  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Includes Detachable Pacifier, Tail Clip, and Rattle
  • top quality, super soft and very functional.
  • Made In USA


Super soft baby elephant pacifier holder

Item Weight:  2 pounds
Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 5.1 x 2 inches

Your baby loves their paci, but you don’t love how dirty it can get when it falls out of their mouths.

With Bryco elephant plush pacifier holder, your baby can hold the elephant while the elephant holds their paci. That means the paci is less likely to fall to the ground, which makes for a happier, healthier, safer baby. A true win all around!

How it works is the stuffed elephant comes with a detachable silicone pacifier that hooks to the end of the elephant’s nose for safekeeping. On the elephant’s tail, there’s a clip to hook the elephant on your baby’s clothes. It’s strong enough to resist a child’s pull, but gentle enough not to rip their cute outfit.

The soft, plush elephant makes it easy for your child to hold and the clips on its nose and tail help keep the paci off germy surfaces. The elephant comes with a built in rattle, so your baby will love playing with their new friend.

Light, portable, and machine washable, your baby will want to take their paci holder elephant buddy with them wherever you go.

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Bryco Baby


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