How to use peach butcher paper and why it is best alternative to foil?

Step aside foil; there is a new kind of BBQ miracle tool, and its here to steal your spotlight. Yes!  That’s right, Peach Bucher Paper is the hottest and most popular tool of many BBQ enthusiasts, promising to give your meat that tender but crisp feeling that will make your taste buds dance with happiness.

Let’s take a look at what makes this Butcher paper so unique and how it can take you from being a barbecue hobbyist to a true pitmaster.

Every BBQ devotee has been known to go crazy over flavors and the quality of the meat, along with all sorts of gadgets that will help them become true masters in barbecuing.

No one ever imagined a small piece of paper would cause such hype in the barbecue world. It has made people order it from across the globe, either paying for substantial shipping fees or smuggling it in their suitcases. No matter how, people are adamant in getting their hands on this pretty little pink paper, going to extraordinary lengths for what is essentially a piece of wood pulp.

Well, you can blame this on Mr. Arron Franklin, a brisket guru who owns a restaurant famous for excellent meat and long lines.

He uses butcher paper to hold cooked briskets in it during service, a neat little trick that can be traced back to Louie Mueller Barbecue. This catapulted Aaron into the barbecue stardom, and the second he started using the Peach Butcher paper, the BBQ enthusiasts went crazy over it. So what is the deal?

What is Peach Butcher Paper?


Peach Butcher Paper is nothing more than a variety of the regular Butcher Paper. As the regular one comes in white color because it is bleached, the peach paper has a pink color indicating a natural base.

That’s all it really is. The only reason its color is so distinctive and fashionable is because of all famous pitmasters using it and us amateur barbecue fans copying their style. So the need to have that pink-hued butcher paper instead of a regular white one is a trend, not a necessity.

The benefits of wrapping barbecue meat explained.

To understand the benefits of the Peach butcher paper and why everyone has gone coo-coo about it, you have to know what are the benefits of wrapping your meat in the first place.

Wrapping your meat close to or at the end of the cook time will protect the meat from drying out. You will successfully keep the flavor and the moisture of the meat all through the service. Also, if the cook was quicker than you expected, wrapping your meat will make you avoid the risk of the bark darkening any further, leaving you plenty of time on the grill to cook the center just right.

Why is Peach Butcher paper better for BBQ than foil?

Using foil can be really tricky, and you have to know precisely what wrapping your meat in foil accomplishes. A so-called ”Texas crutch”, this type of wrapping is more commonly used for pork ribs, rather than for beef barbecue. Bear in mind that foil does not breathe and stops any additional smoke from penetrating, so with wrapping your meat in foil, the smoking phase of the barbecue is finished for good.

What it does next is that it reflects the heat down onto the meat and, at the same time, retains the heat. That means if you take the meat wrapped in foil off the grill, it will continue to cook for a while longer. The biggest flaw is that since foil is non-porous, the steam cannot come out, dripping condensation water onto your crust and making it into a mush.

All this can be avoided with a Peach Butcher paper, as it allows the steam to escape the wrap, protects the meat and does not retain or reflect the heat like a foil does.