Butcher kraft paper isn’t just for the butcher shop. In fact, with the buzz around food transparency and food safety, many restaurants, delis, and food trucks are now utilizing butcher paper to wrap up their creations in a safe and constructive way.

The key is choosing an FDA-approved butcher kraft paper roll for your business. You shouldn’t settle for less because as you know, your customers deserve more. Keeping up with food safety keeps you at the top of the food chain, a place you definitely don’t want to get down from.

Aside from keeping your foods safe and tasty until they’re blissfully consumed, there are many other things you can do with your butcher paper. Here are the benefits of butcher kraft paper all food services need to discover!

Butcher-Paper-Roll-BenefitsEasy, safe, and cost-effective Wrapping

If you choose other types of papers to wrap your offerings in, they can contain chemicals. Our FDA-approved line of butcher paper rolls gives you peace of mind to know that you’re not adding toxins in with your sandwiches, wraps, and other delights. The EWG found that 40% of packaging for fast food contained dangerous chemicals. Stand out from the pack by changing what you wrap it in.

Tailor-made marketing



You can buy butcher kraft paper by the roll, plain and ready to go. But why not add your own personal touch to it? Your logo or brand name can be printed on it to provide an added layer of marketing to your foods.

Avoid lots of waste from excess plates and packaging

Any restaurant or café owner knows how much waste can come from paper plates, baskets, and tablecloths. Instead of adding more kindling, using a square of your personalized butcher kraft paper on a tray has a minimalist appeal, one that serves to reduce waste.

Chances to add coupons and bonuses

With butcher paper designed for your restaurant, deli, or shop, you can customize it to include coupons your customers will be happy to return with or tear-off menus. This makes it easy for them to think of you when they’re hungry. And it gives them incentive to come back from more.

It does it all

Butcher kraft paper is inexpensive, even when you have it personalized with your company logo or a fun slogan. When you do, you can use it across multiple applications from each roll – use them to wrap sandwiches or wraps, line trays, cover whole tables, print menus, marketing and protective wrap for to-go orders, placemats, and even wall décor.

Adds a rustic touch to décor

Butcher Paper Roll For Decors

While it wouldn’t fly in a fine-dining setting, using butcher kraft paper as the décor in your establishment can definitely make an impact on your customers without making one on your budget. You can use it as a roll-down menu for special of the day (like soups or fresh-baked goods) or you can put them at the tables and let your guests design your artwork. Adding a contest to the mix will add a hidden layer of marketing that makes it fun for your patrons of all ages.

Butcher kraft paper is incredibly versatile, safe, and affordable for your restaurant, proving it can go beyond the butcher shop and be used for anything you dream up!

What do you use Butcher Kraft Paper Roll For? – Let Us Know!