If you have attempted to cook a joint of meat in the past wrapped in foil, you may be aware of some of the disadvantages of cooking this way.

Blandness, tough meat and dryness are just some of the problems encountered by many chefs that have become tired of yet again another disappointing piece of meat. If you start to look at other things such as lack of customisation, versatility and uses that foil can pose for food establishments, it is clear to see that another item is definitely needed to achieve the perfect joint. Fortunately, butcher paper roll is the perfect solution.

A versatile product that can be customised and used to market your establishment, and can be used in multiple ways. But most importantly perhaps, meat cooked in butcher paper roll is moist, flavoursome and cooked to perfection each and every time. 

Please continue reading to understand why butcher paper rolls are better than regular wrapping foil

So why does butcher paper roll beat foil hands down?


Butcher-Paper-Roll-BenefitsVersatility. Foil only comes on rolls and has to be cut to size, which can be annoying. If this is a problem you find yourself having, consider using butcher paper roll. Being available in all types of sizes and colour, it even comes in pre-cut sheets, helping save you even more time in the kitchen.


Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll Comes In Different Sizes.

Butcher-Paper-Roll-BenefitsPerfectly cooked meat. Unlike foil, butcher paper roll is breathable which helps create a firm bark outside and a tender meat inside. However, be sure not to use coated butcher paper roll for cooking. It’s great for protecting meat from freezer burn but doesn’t release moisture, producing similar effects to foil.

Butcher-Paper-Roll-BenefitsUsable for many food outlets. Foil can have it’s limitations. It cannot be printed on and it isn’t particularly appealing to look at. Contrastingly, butcher paper roll can be used for wrapping a wide range of takeout food items and can even be used as table cloths or tray liners.


Butcher-Paper-Roll-BenefitsGreat for marketing: You may not believe it but butcher paper roll is actually a great marketing tool for food establishments. Being paper, it can be printed on with items such as your company logo, and can even be used for menus! So, if you are looking to save money in a tight-margin environment, butcher paper roll could help you work towards this.

Butcher-Paper-Roll-BenefitsKeeps in flavour. If you’ve ever cooked meat in foil on a BBQ, you will realise that it isn’t the best way to retain flavour. Butcher paper roll solves this problem by keeping the smoke inside the meat whilst helping keep your meat moist and the bark firm. Butcher paper roll absorbs fat, helping braize the joint. The result? A tender, smokey and flavoursome piece of meat.




Although there are several reasons why foil can pose a disadvantage in a kitchen, perhaps the most striking reason is it’s sometimes disappointing results when used to cook meat. So, what other options are there? Well we believe one excellent alternative is the use of butcher paper roll.

There are loads of reasons why we believe butcher paper roll is better than foil in a kitchen. But the main ones are that butcher paper roll is great at keeping the flavour of your meat locked in, whilst producing a perfectly cooked joint time after time that is tender inside and perfectly braised outside.