Food of all kinds requires proper packaging specially when it comes to all types of meat to ensure freshness and safety. To enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction, knowing which class of food wrapping paper to apply, is vital. Not to forget leaving food uncovered is leaving it at the mercy of flies. But don’t you worry, we present a handy guide to you to choose as per your unique needs, the most suitable food wrapping papers:

1.Butcher Paper

Butcher Or Kraft Paper

Butcher paper or Kraft Paper exclusively designed and crafted to restore the neatness and freshness of meat and fish. Butcher paper is well-known to fishmongers, butchers, and even craftsmen. Generally, butcher paper is supposed to be resistant towards leakage and remain dry while covering meat or fish. Larger rolls of 24”, 30”, and 36” are liked for covering tables. On top of this butcher paper allows you to write on as well, Sharpie, Pen, Pencil, and Crayon may be good tools to work with.

Butcher Paper is available in:

Peach Treated:
  • Works well in displaying the meat
  • Retains freshness
  • Produced from non-bleached fibers that absorb the moisture and allows the meat to experience the fresh air
  • Serves as a meat display that gives it clean appearance and finally to wrap the meat with
  • A disposable table cover and line serving for trays and baskets
  • A display tool for meat and fish
  • Brightens as well as forbids the oily and slimy appearance


  • Retains the freshness and color of the meat
  • FDA approved for BBQ and smoking the meat
  • Can serve crafts

Freezer/Coated Kraft Paper

Freezer Paper Similar To Butcher Paper

Similar to the butcher paper, freezer is also a sturdy paper. Low-density polyethylene on one side of the paper gives it extra strength, leak resistance capability, and prevents the freezer burns for up to a year. It is ideal for wrapping and retaining freshness of the fish, poultry, and cheese.

Freezer paper could also be used for pre-packed deli products such as sandwiches. Not to miss its importance in preserving noodles, which is why the paper is extensively used in the pasta industry. Freezer paper is equally good whether you keep your food in freezer or in refrigerator.

Hint: You can write beautifully on freezer paper as well, with the application of poly coating you will prefer to write on the outside only.

The Paper Is Available in:

  • Kraft or White
  • Rolls or Sheet

Sandwich Wrap Paper:

Its name may reduce its horizon to wrapping sandwiches only but Sandwich paper is equally good in packaging side, pretzels, parties, and alike.

Sandwich wrap papers are perfect for wrapping sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts also they are good to lineup the biscuits to be served. We also offer a double open design to finely wrap pastries, pretzels, cookies, and other flat items.

Sandwich Wrap Paper is Available in:

  • Crease-resistant and traditional varieties
  • Beautiful shades, sizes, and patterns
  • Available in eco-friendly option as well

Wax Paper:

Wax Paper

Wax or paraffin paper, with wax application on one side, reduces the possibility for unhygienic items to reach your food while attaching to the paper. Max makes the paper resistant and retains the freshness. Moist food does not lose the moisture while dry food is prevented from the moisture.

Wax paper allows the experience of writing with a sharpie and is tape-friendly.

Available in:

  • Dry or Wet
  • Rolls or Sheets – sheets are available in flat, pop-up, and patty paper assortments 
  • Dry Wax vs Wet Wax

Dry wax is a bleached kraft paper that is coated with dry waxing and leaves no surface residue. The wax coating is pressed into the paper hence, it does not reach your food and is best for freshly cooked hot food. Sandwich wrapping and pizza lining could be a good use of dry wax paper.

Unlike dry wax, this time the bleached kraft paper undergoes a wet waxing process on both sides for high gloss water resistant surface. The paper offers excellent wrapping experience of refrigerated food such as sandwiches, vegetables, poultry, fish, steaks, and meat. Wet wax paper is equally liked in sweets and candies industry as dipping paper and tray liner as well.

Interfold/Pop-up Wax Paper

This is dry wax paper for quick and easy wrapping at your grocery store, deli-counter, or market place. The inter-folded top-up assembly box makes over the counter dispensing easy.

Patty Paper

Patty paper offers the convenience of preparing, packing, and presenting your homemade hamburger patties. Similar to interfold, patty paper is also produced from dry wax. When placed between patties, while preparing, it prevents them from sticking to each other. Patty paper is exclusively advantageous with freezer applications.

Pan Liners

Pan liners make backing convenient. With pan liner, your food wouldn’t stick to the pan and grease application is no more needful. Made of dry wax pan liners should be the top priority of backers and pizza shops.

Cheese Paper

Cheese paper broadly serves two purposes.

  • Storage
    • Wax paper is the best choice while storing your cheese. It retains freshness and prevents contamination and drying out. You need to flow the three simple steps
      • Wrap your cheese with wax paper; make sure cheese is perfectly covered.
      • Tape the paper
      • Add an additional protection layer while loosely wrapping it with plastic cover
  • Display

You can finely cut the wax paper and add some colors. Wax paper provides an opportunity so that you may take your presentation skills to a new high.

What is your favorite food wrapping paper in the kitchen? Which one do you use more often?

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