Butcher paper is a specially-designed paper for wrapping and protecting raw meats from flavor contamination. It is also the best for smoking BBQ briskets, meats, and veggies.

Butcher Paper or Foil: Who Wins?

Butcher Paper or Traditional Foil

You have a lot of reasons to pick a butcher paper over foil, especially if you have a sweet tooth. A butcher paper allows smoke in your meat, giving you that extra-smoky and crunchy roast and a beefy flavor to your fish or turkey; whereas a foil locks out smoke from your meat.

A butcher paper is reinforced as compared to foil. It cannot tear or break easily when smoking meat. This means it retains the natural juices, oil, and flavors of your turkey, pork, or BBQ briskets. It does not stick on beef, which makes it easy to unwrap when serving.

A butcher paper is highly-breathable, which allows oxygen in smoking brisket while letting out steam, giving it a distinctively thick crunchy-like taste. But, a foil tempers the flavors and limits the bark around a brisket.

Types of Butcher Papers

The following are some of the main types of butcher papers:

  • A steak paper: It is perfect for displaying meat, such as pork in a butcher. You can as well wrap meat intact, without losing the flavor and juices.
  • A freezer paper: It is a thick piece of paper that is coated with a moisture barrier on one side to protect food, such as beef or fish in a freezer.
  • Peach paper: It is often read in color, is a premium paper that is perfect for preserving freshly-cut meat. It is treated to allow a sufficient amount of oxygen to reach the meat for maximum freshness.
  • Gardenia paper: It is a high-performance paper with premium protection of poultry or fish against moisture contamination. It is the best alternative to plastic bags as it is breathable, which prevents any sogginess.
  • White butcher paper: It is the best paper for wrapping meat before smoking because it allows smoke in without trapping moisture. It is ideal for crafts, table covering, and painting.

What are the Uses of Butcher Paper?

A butcher paper does a lot more than just wrapping meat:

  • Craft projects

It is perfect for sewing and craft projects. It has a smooth texture on both sides. It doesn’t tear easily, meaning you can use it a couple of times.  It is an affordable alternative to ordinary pattern papers that are thin and delicate.

  • Painting and drawing

A butcher paper can be used for drawing, writing, or art. It is stronger than regular drawing papers. This makes it perfect when using different types of paints or brushes.

  • Table clothes

If you need a table cloth cover or table runner, you have to try this butcher paper. You can place it in the center of your table as a decoration or across the table to outline the seating arrangement. If you love playing around with themes, butcher papers can serve this purpose. You can keep your table clean by placing it on top of your table cloth or a bare table.

  • Wrapping gifts

You still can use this paper to wrap gifts. For example, a white paper will do wonders when you fold it around a present. You can make a gift unique by adding a nice-looking ribbon.

For a barrel of fun with the family in the outdoors, you deserve a great taste. And nothing can smoke BBQ better than a butcher paper!