Kraft Butcher Paper Rolls By Bryco Goods

FDA Approved Wrapping Paper for BBQ Briskets, Meats, and Gifts


Bryco Goods is transforming the way you store, smoke and serve food with the finest Kraft Butcher Paper Roll made from a premium Georgia Pacific paper. An exclusive product for a wide variety of food applications, such as cooking, storing, and smoking.

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About Us

It started as an undying love for delectable BBQs, sautéed grill and smoked meat that can easily whet your appetite.

Our founder and his partner from Texas joined hands back in the year 2017 to form a fast-growing company – Bryco Goods. They had a great vision that is setting the pace for the way you wrap briskets, meat, ribs or smoke and freeze food. They found pleasure in experimenting with different techniques and materials, which took them to an irreplaceable butcher paper. And as they keep saying, the rest is history.

What We Do

Since year 2017, Kraft Butcher Paper Roll has attracted 1500 customer reviews across all butcher paper products and still counting. Our secret lies in using only a select Georgia Pacific paper made from the USA

As a leading provider, we have been named Amazon Choice since 2016. We’ll ship our products to anywhere in the U.S. and work with third party sellers to deliver worldwide. Additionally, our products line is always expanding.

Some of our newer items include Butcher Kraft Paper, ideal for any home needs such as, moving, wall art, or children’s art supplies. Our versatile paper rolls are sure to fit any needs you may have.

High breathability

Kraft Butcher Paper Roll stands out in so many ways. Those who’ve tried it, claim that this paper is the best for smoking meat just like pros. It is breathable, a feature that makes it perfect for letting steam out while retaining the smoke in the meat. It still makes a delicious bark while overcoming the temperature plateau. This is what gives you that natural smoky taste that is incomparable to meat wrapped in foils.

Reinforced strength

You don’t have any reason to worry of tear or wear when handling your wrapped food. You most likely don’t want to spot any ripped parts on a foil that leaves yummy juices spilling out. This is what will put a regretful taste in your mouth. Your pork, turkey, or beef will not be delicious anymore. But, the Butcher Paper is tough, allowing you to smoke, store or serve your meat, all in the same sheet of butcher paper. Its non-stick design makes it easy to remove. Of course, no more dirty dishes to clean up later on!

FDA Approved

When Bryco Goods talks of taste and a smack of savoury, they mean the real tang of meat, not the metallic foil taste that can piss you off any minute. Bryco Goods offers you an FDA food-grade approved butcher paper that is entirely metal-free, just 100% natural virgin pulps. It is not waxed, coated, or bleached. All your food, wrapped in this fine butcher paper will taste exactly the way they are supposed to – flavours remain pure and untainted. With Kraft Butcher Paper Roll, your food is safe for your entire family.

It’s More than a paper:

Kraft Butcher Paper is Multi-functional

Only one roll of Kraft Butcher Paper will serve you almost a lifetime – months on end. Imagine a huge 18 inches and 175 feet roll (2100 inches). This translates to never-ending moments of storing, smoking, and serving meat and veggies with family and friends.
Lastly, you cannot limit your imagination.

The butcher paper remains in shape to keep your turkey juicy and tender, just the way you love it. Don’t stop at that. You can use it for art and crafts, wrapping your birthday gifts or even as birdcage liner because you can do a lot more with Kraft Butcher Paper Roll.


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“I’ve used this for smoking on a smoker and also for resting non-smoked meat. Works as advertised. It’s also good for using between layers if you’re transporting a lot of meat from one location to another. I had to smoke 40 chicken breasts for an event, and I used this paper between them to insulate and protect the 5 layers when I packed it away for transport. Bryco seems like a committed seller that is willing to stand behind their product. Buy with confidence.”

“Product performed great. I used this paper to wrap up my meat when I smoke brisket, ribs, pulled pork instead of foil paper. Paper did not rip or burn after 10 hours of smoking. I look forward to purchasing this product again. Fast shipping and excellent customer service.”

“I used it for the first time this past weekend and absolutely love it. I was surprised that it held in the juice, kept the meat noticeably more moist and the smoke saturation was amazing. I can’t wait to try it again!”